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Scenar Therapy

Scenar works by stimulating the nervous system with constantly varying signals and “electrical impulses” that operate in the same way as our natural nerve fibers react when coping with the stress of pain or illness. Scenar impulses provide a boost to the nervous system generating neuropeptides (the bodies internal pharmacy) to holistically speed up the recovery process.

The Scenar employs a highly sophisticated computer software program that automatically Senses and Measures the electrical activity of the body and then delivers a Measured Dose of complex electrical waveforms and frequencies directly to the skin in order to correct any imbalances. These pulses contain numerous random features to prevent the body from adapting to the stimulation. Proper communication between the brain and the affected part is restored and rapid healing may then be possible. The Scenar evolves a new signal pattern for the disordered tissues, the machine literally entering into an information dialogue with the body. 

This treatment is helpful for pain management and body alignment.

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