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Integrated Bodywork

Integrated Bodywork is an holistic form of pain management and body alignment. 

The brain receives constant information, mostly via the nervous system, as to the status of all tissues, organs and functions of the body. If this information is complete and accurate, the brain can orchestrate the body’s profound ability to maintain  itself in a state of wellness. 

Integrated Bodywork understands how this flow of information can become ‘blocked’ or incomplete, and can identify the specific places in the body where these ‘blockages’ exist. Practitioners then apply a highly practised stimulus, by hand, in specific sites and directions on the completely clothed body. This in effect sends new information from these areas to the brain, which will then regulate the body more efficiently according to this new information.

Commonly these ‘blockages’ will result in unnaturally tight muscles causing compression of nerves and other tissues, in various places on the body. This can result in stiffness, discomfort or pain, as well as affecting the performance of various organs and systems of the body.


Integrated Bodywork is hugely effective in reducing or eliminating pain and discomfort, and helping the body to recover optimum mobility and function.  Perhaps the most profound aspect of this technique is its ability to help the body to  release compression that has been building up for years or decades.

A persons leg being worked on by an Integrated Body work practitioner
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