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Additional Services We Offer

While we don't offer these as stand alone services we do add them into sessions when appropriate. Book a consultation with us to find out more of what we offer.

A woman recieving therapy

Pain Management

Chronic pain can affect every part of your life and can be a complicated process to find the best methods that work for you.

Holistic Dream Analysis

An approach to understanding and working with dreams. This approach goes beyond traditional dream analysis and involves the whole person and their relationship between their waking and dreaming life. This work includes techniques such as active imagination and journalling.

Notebook with a Pen outside
A woman recieving sound therapy with the singing bowls

Sound Therapy

Tibetan singing bowls are musical instruments made of several precious metals. They are used in sessions to create harmonic sounds that are deep, comforting, and relaxing. Each of the bowls has a different frequency and their vibrations travel through our body to release blockages or stored energy allowing the body to become balanced.

Animal Love

Animals can provide emotional support, companionship and a sense of calm which helps to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, depression and stress. Animals also provide an opportunity for social interaction which can help improve communication and social skills. Animal Therapy is complementary to our alternative therapies and is used in conjunction with other sessions. 

Two chickens walking along an over grown path
Hands holding vitamin capsules

Vitamin Analysis

Processed with the Vitastiq device. It is a process of measuring the levels of vitamins to determine if you have the adequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals. The results can help identify deficiencies and be a guide to treatment protocols.

The Garden

We believe the natural environment can be a powerful facilitator for healing. We specialize in offering a range of alternative healthcare services that allow our clients to connect with nature and the world around them. This includes spending time in the garden to meditate, breathing in the fresh air to help relax and enhance mental clarity.

A wooden stump besides a forest path
Aromatherapy bottles and burning incense


Aromatherapy is a holistic healing practice that involves the use of essential oils from a range of plants. These oils are thought to have healing properties and can promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Finding the right blend and method of use is important in activating the oils natural healing abilities. There are a number of ways in which aromatherapy can be used. From Inhalation, applied topically, combined with other base oils and massaged into muscles or used in the bath for a relaxing soak. Each essential oil has a unique set of properties and are used for different reasons. For example lavender is often used to aid in falling asleep and relaxation, whereas peppermint is used for headaches, nausea and muscle pain.


Vielight Neuro™ technology stimulates your brain safely and non-invasively with pulsed near-infrared light.

Clinical research with this technology has produced improvements in cognition, memory and mood.

Upgrade your brain today.

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